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About employment verification at Infanion

At Infanion we have always been responding to employee background verification requests without fail. By doing so, we offer a crucial service to those companies who made a business model in handling employee background verifications. We have absolutely no problem that these companies are specialized in this field and earn money from providing this service to their clients. However, we also have costs that we need to cover to respond to employee background verification requests.            

One of the major costs for us is the time spent by our HR-team to respond to employee background verification requests. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each employee background verification request is conducted accurately and efficiently. They spend time on each case, which requires an investment from our organization.            

In order to continue offering this valuable service to companies specialised in handling employee background verifications for their customers, we have decided to charge a fee that covers the cost of our HR team.      
We believe that our pricing is fair and reasonable for the time we spent on responding to employee background verification requests.            

So, if you need an employee background verification of one of our ex-employees, please click on the ‘Proceed’ – button. You will be able to add your request via a special online tool. Requests sent via email will not be handled anymore.         

Here's how the tool works:     

Step 1: Requesting Verification.    
To request employment background verification, simply fill out our online form. You'll need to provide information about who is requesting the verification (i.e., the employer) and for whom they are requesting it (i.e., the job candidate).         

Step 2: Selecting Verification options.    
Next, select the verification option that best meet your needs.         

Step 3: Payment.    
Once you've selected your verification option, you'll be asked to make payment. Our payment system is secure and easy to use.         

Step 4: Verification Process.    
Once your payment is received, we will begin the verification process. We will gather the requested information from our records and ensure that it is accurate and up to date.         

Step 5: Results.    
Once the verification process is complete, we will provide you the requested information and an invoice.